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Hello and welcome to the GAME FANON!!!On this wiki,you can create your own fan-games about anything you like.You can do a game based on a show,or you can invent a game based on your imagination,which doesn't comes from a show!It's your choice!Once the wiki gets more Users,we will be hosting contest with prizes:Contests for Admin/Chat Mod,Contest for promoting your game on the wiki,and many many others.We hope you will enjoy here!

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Title list of games Year Platforms/Systems
Wishes Wishes' Smashing 1998 Apple Mac, Java, PC, PlayStation One
Sea Beach 1998 Apple Mac, PC, Gameboy, PlayStation One
Fireman Sam and Friends 1999 Gameboy Color
The Prince of Egypt 1999 Java, Gameboy Color
FANCY BANG 1999 PlayStation One, Dreamcast
Pooh's Grand Adventure 2000 Java, Blackberry
Tom Sawyer 2000 Blackberry, Java, N Gage, Neo Geo Pocket Color
Irongiant 2000 Java, Blackberry, PC
Hotel Princess 2001 Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, PC
Goanimate the Video Game 2001 PlayStation One, Gameboy Advance, PC
Jam Blastoff 2001 PC
Jam Spider 2001 PC
Jam HIP HOP 2002 PlayStation Two, PC, Apple Mac
Looney Tunes - Robot's Spider 2002 PC
Over the Fire in Europe/Japanese 2003 PlayStation Two, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance
Over the Fire - ICE Frame Frame in Europe 2003 Gameboy Advance, PC
Over the Fire 2 2004 PlayStation Two, Apple Mac, Gamecube, PC
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